Malika Hotel in Bukhara

Malika Bukhara started operating in spring of 2005. Hotel provides modern and comfortable rooms within walking distance from the Lyabi-Hauz historical complex.
Rooms with large and comfortable beds are equipped with air conditioning and cable TV. Enjoy drinking tea at the summer tea house of the hotel, after exciting sightseeing of the city.
Bukhara, Uzbekistan Bukhara, Uzbekistan Bukhara, Uzbekistan


Bukhara is one of the most ancient cities in Central Asia. Developed on the cross roads of the ancient Silk Road, most of the monuments of this Oriental city date back to the Middle Ages. Throughout the centuries, the location of the city did not change. Destroyed several times by wars the city was rebuilt in its prior location.

The Archaeological excavations revealed several layers of ancient settlements under ground up-to 20 meters. Remains of dwellings, public buildings, and fortifications were discovered under thick layer of ground. Today, Bukhara is represented by beautiful mosques, madrassahs, and remains of fortifications that protected the city from foreign conquerors. more